About Us

Eco Wellness Spa provides various therapeutic massage services and foot reflexology treatments in Singapore. With its modern décor, experience a tranquil atmosphere, right as you step through the door.

Escape the hustle and bustle of the city, to a peaceful haven. Our signature services include Swedish and Chinese massage, foot reflexology, hot stone therapy, vacuum cupping, body scraping therapy, body scrub, aromatherapy oils and ear candling treatment, and we are open round the clock, ready to cater to your needs, at your convenience.

Our therapists are certified, passionate, and experienced, each specialising in various techniques suited to your individual needs. Our massage services go above and beyond in providing you with proven health benefits as well as relaxation.

As a spa committed to quality service and professional business practices, we pride ourselves on being a CaseTrust certified Spa and Wellness business and our unparalleled service and low prices

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